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Monday, April 17, 2006

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Personal VoIP and PSTN Telephony Management Software

•Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN and AOL voice instant messaging will, in aggregate, transform our experience of verbal communication with each other and machines. These VoIP, PC/Internet-based solutions offer world-wide phone calling at greatly reduced costs; sometimes with with higher fidelity (they transmit the higher frequencies than normal phones do); and they offer many entirely new features including notification of caller availability; free conference calling; automated attendants (speech recognition); video conferencing, file and picture sharing.

Even though traditional telephony costs are plummeting and approaching zero, the fact that these PC-based calls are free, PC to PC, (and much cheaper than traditional telephony when regular phones are involved), means that the world will finally adopt this so-called VoIP approach to telephony.

•The current problem is that these PC-based solutions do not easily interoperate with regular phones or regular phone service. Technology providers will rush to fill in missing pieces. Skype itself already offers SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

At the 2006 CES show in Las Vegas, I hear that Skype announced a standalone handset to enable users to make calls over the Internet without a PC connection. Also D-Link announced the DPH-50U that allows the Skype service to be used with a traditional phone. Netgear will announce a similar device. Ipevo has a new cordless handset and speaker phone that works with Skype. Panasonic have cordless phone that allows users to make and receive Skype calls and traditional calls.

•The current business opportunties surround integration of normal phones into the Skype & family networks to let normal phones have the benefits of PC telephony: free PC-to-PC calling; lower cost PC-to-phones; notification of caller availability; free conference calling; call-back scheduling; access personal information stored on PCs; the ability to store information on PCs; screen pops of useful information automatically triggered by calls; and voice control over phone functions.


I'm also interested innovation ecologies and the process of harvesting IP generated in universities and government research labs. Would welcome contact from like minded folks.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Principal Scientist

This is to introduce myself. I live and work in Singapore at the Institute for Infocomm Research. My passions are voice communication and economic systems, two disparate genres. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone with opinions about what I write. Thanks!